About us

Our Philosophy

We are inspired by our family ancestors from the rugged Greek island of Ikaria. This is one of the world’s five Blue Zones – areas where people live longest and happiest. We embrace their understanding that good whole food, coupled with strong family/friend connections are essential for optimum health, vitality and energy.

We believe that healthy eating is the foundation for peak health, energy and wellbeing and that using the best and purest ingredients is the only way to create delicious, healthy meals.

Commitment to South Australian produce and suppliers

we are proudly SA owned and operated and are committed to support local producers and market suppliers.

Some products in our range change as we are influenced by what fruit and veg are at their best. We work with our suppliers to source the freshest ingredients.

Kitchenhand is sugar, additive and preservative free

We do not add sugar or sugar substitutes to our food and we have a strong focus on plant based and gluten free fresh meals and salads.